Python Datacamp Courses

Completed Python Courses @ DataCamp

Data Engineering

  1. Introduction to Data Engineering
  2. Building Data Engineering Pipelines in Python

Python Programming

  1. Introduction to Python 
  2. Introduction to Data Science in Python
  3. Intermediate Python
  4. Python Data Science Toolbox (part 1)
  5. Python Data Science Toolbox (part 2)
  6. Introduction to PySpark
  7. Writing Efficient Python Code
  8. Object-Oriented Programming in Python
  9. Software Engineering for Data Scientist in Python
  10. Big Data Fundamentals with PySpark
  11. Introduction to AWS Boto in Python
  12. Writing Functions in Python
  13. Data Types for Data Science
  14. Command Line Automation in Python
  15. Preparing for Coding Interview Questions in Python
  16. Optimizing Python Code with pandas
  17. Creating Robust Python Workflows
  18. Working with Dates and Times in Python
    1. Python for Spreadsheet Users
    2. Unit Testing for Data Science in Python
    3. Python for MATLAB Users
    4. Python for R Users

Importing and Cleaning

  1. Introduction to Importing Data in Python
  2. Intermediate Importing Data in Python
  3. Cleaning Data in Python
  4. Streamlined Data Ingestion with pandas
  5. Web Scraping in Python
  6. Cleaning Data with PySpark

Data Manipulation in Python

  1. pandas Foundations
  2. Manipulating DataFrames with pandas
  3. Merging DataFrames with pandas
  4. Manipulating Time Series Data in Python
  5. Analyzing Police Activity with pandas
  6. Introduction to Databases in Python
  7. Regular Expressions in Python
  8. Dealing with Missing Data in Python
  9. pandas Joins for Spreadsheet Users
  10. Introduction to MongoDB in Python
  11. Introduction Spark SQL in Python
  12. Analyzing Social Media Data in Python 
  13. Data Manipulation with pandas
  14. Biomedical Image Analysis in Python
  15. Feature Engineering with PySpark
  16. Analyzing IoT Data in Python
    1. Parallel Programming with Dask in Python
    2. Working with Geospatial Data in Python
    3. Spoken Language Processing in Python

Data Visualization in Python

  1. Introduction to Data Visualization in Python
  2. Interactive Data Visualization with Bokeh
  3. Introduction to Matplotlib
  4. Intermediate Data Visualization with Seaborn
  5. Visualizing Time Series Data in Python
  6. Introduction to Data Visualization with Seaborn
  7. Visualizing Geo spatial Data in Python
  8. Improving Your Data Visualizations in Python

Probability & Statistics

  1. Statistical Thinking in Python (Part 1)
  2. Statistical Thinking in Python (Part 2)
  3. Time Series Analysis in Python
  4. Introduction to Network Analysis in Python
  5. Customer Analytics and A/B Testing in Python
  6. Introduction to Linear Modeling in Python
  7. Preparing for Statistics Interview Questions in Python
  8. Statistical Simulation in Python
  9. Generalized Linear Models in Python
  10. Case Studies in Statistical Thinking
  11. Intermediate Network Analysis in Python
  12. Foundations of Probability in Python
  13. Experimental Design in Python


Machine Learning

  1. Supervised Learning with scikit-learn
  2. Introduction to Deep Learning in Python
  3. Introduction to Natural Language Processing in Python
  4. Unsupervised Learning in Python
  5. Machine Learning with Tree-Based Models in Python
  6. Building Chat bots in Python
  7. Extreme Gradient Boosting with XGBoost
  8. Introduction to TensorFlow in Python
  9. Linear Classifiers in Python
  10. Image Processing in Python
  11. Preprocessing for Machine Learning in Python
  12. Machine Learning for Time Series Data in Python
  13. Image Processing with Keras in Python
  14. Introduction to Deep Learning with Keras
  15. Advanced Deep Learning with Keras
  16. AI Fundamentals
  17. Introduction to Deep Learning with PyTorch
  18. Dimensionality Reduction in Python
  19. Clustering Methods with SciPy
  20. Machine Learning for Finance in Python
  21. Feature Engineering for NLP in Python
  22. Machine Learning with PySpark
  23. Feature Engineering for Machine Learning in Python
  24. Supply Chain Analytics in Python
  25. Advanced NLP with SpaCy
  26. Winning a Kaggle Competition in Python 
  27. ARIMA Models in Python
  28. Hyperparameter Tuning in Python
  29. Model Validation in Python
  30. Customer Segmentation in Python
  31. Machine Learning for Marketing in Python
  32. Fraud Detection in Python
  33. Introduction to Predictive Analytics in Python
  34. Predicting CTR with Machine Learning in Python
    1. Recurrent Neural Networks for Language Modeling in Python
    2. Machine Translation in Python
  35. Sentiment Analysis in Python 
  36. Preparing for Machine Learning Interview Questions in Python
  37. Designing Machine Learning Workflows in Python
  38. Building Recommendation Engines with PySpark
  39. Ensemble Methods in Python
  40. HR Analytics in Python: Predicting Employee Churn
    1. Natural Language Generation in Python
  41. Intermediate Predictive Analytics in Python
    1. GARCH Models in Python


Applied Finance

  1. Introduction to Python for Finance
  2. Importing and Managing Financial Data in Python
  3. Credit Risk Modeling in Python
  4. Introduction to Portfolio Risk Management in Python
  5. Introduction to Financial Concepts in Python
  6. Financial Forecasting in Python
  7. Introduction to Portfolio Analysis in Python
  8. Quantitative Risk Management in Python

Case Studies

  1. Machine Learning with the Experts: School Budgets
  2. Predicting Customer Churn in Python
  3. Exploratory Data Analysis in Python
  4. Analyzing Marketing Campaigns with pandas
  5. Analyzing US Census Data in Python